Dragon Burger


Dragon Burger

Dragon BurgerDragon Burger
Wasabi BurgerWasabi burger
Yuzu-kosho BurgerYuzu-kosho Burger
Cacao BBQ BurgerCacao BBQ Burger
Blue cheese BurgerBlue cheese Burger
Samurai BurgerSamurai Burger

Gourmet Burgers

Dragon Burger

Dragon Burger

Basic burger with Kyoto tsukemono pickles.
cooking ingredients
1,000 yen / Burger set 1,400 yen
Wasabi Burger

Wasabi Burger

Kujo welsh onion, wakame seaweed with wasabi mayonnaise and Japanese mustard.
cooking ingredients
1,100 yen / Burger set 1,500 yen
Yuzu-kosho burger

Yuzu-kosho Burger

Kujo welsh onion , shogoin turnip with yuzu pepper mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce.
cooking ingredients
1,200 yen / Burger set 1,600 yen
Cacao BBQ burger

Cacao BBQ Burger

Fried onions , Kyoto tsukemono pickles with bean-to-bar chocolate BBQ sauce.
cooking ingredients
1,300 yen / Burger set 1,700 yen
Blue cheese burger

Blue cheese Burger

Kujo welsh onion , Kyo mizuna , bacon with blue cheese and truffle mayonnaise.
cooking ingredients
1,400 yen / Burger set 1,800 yen
Samurai burger

Samurai Burger

Manganji capsicum with jolokia sauce. Very hot!
(Served only from July to September)
cooking ingredients
1,200 yen / Burger set 1,600 yen

Our Patties (100% Beef)

Made from 100% fresh beef chuck, special cut and grind to our specification. Served with cheddar cheese (except Blue cheese Burger) to add mellow flavor.

Our Buns

Made from Hokkaido bread flour and fresh eggs from Ako, Hyogo to give a soft and fluffy mouthfeel. No artificial ingredients added.


Natural cut potato fries, onion rings and more! Better deal with a set purchase of a burger.

Desserts and Beverages

Try our chef's original Matcha ice cream sandwich for dessert. 200yen off your drink with a purchase of a burger.
Tax included